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Worst Bed Bug Cities

Worst Bed Bug Cities

The Baltimore Sun has compiled a list of the worst Bed Bug ridden cities and I think most will be shocked with this information. What I find intriguing is that this list covers the entire U.S. from coast to coast and the shocker is that Las Vegas is in the number one spot. I personally thought it would be New York City or Ohio, this problem continues and if you aren’t paying attention  – you will be paying later.

If you are traveling check out and/or

  1. When checking into a hotel check the room, don’t put luggage on bed or dresser (I prefer the bathroom counter and shower rod).
  2. When arriving home take the luggage apart in the garage and wash/dry everything immediately at the highest temperatures possible.
  3. Having a guest over (I know this is touchy but) investigate and find out if they have had encounters or stayed somewhere else.
  4. Don’t panic seek out a Pest Management Professional – don’t use hazardous materials. THINK First…

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Where O where are the Bed Bugs?

I often get asked about Bed Bugs these days and I think the number one question is where do I find them? I think most people assume that since they are called Bed Bugs you would find them on the bed and that is true sometimes. Often we find them in various places and as this graph shows they can be anyplace. I want to thank Michael Potter and his team at the University of Kentucky for the work they are doing on Bed Bugs and to EHS Pest Control for bringing to my attention.

It only takes – ONE!

Bed Bugs are what science fiction horror movies are all about, thank goodness they are not bigger. But I guess if they were bigger they would be easier to see. They are creepy, they suck blood while you are asleep and they are just plain ugly.It only takes – ONE. One Bed Bug, one neighbor stopping by for coffee, one apartment or condo neighbor, one child bringing home a backpack, one visit to a movie theater, one guest spending a weekend at your home, one stay at an infested motel – OK you get the picture.

Getting rid of the pest is a daunting endeavor. Labor intensive and meticulous methodical work often on your hands and knees.

Arizona has a new Bed Bug law –

If you are a Tenant, Property Manager, Apartment Manager or Realtor you should become familiar with this new law.

Five States Enact Bed Bug Legislation

Arizona has joined Maine, New Jersey, New York and Illinois as the first states to have signed into law legislation dealing with the bed bug invasion. There are numerous states that have specific laws dealing with bed bugs such as Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, Texas and West Virginia. So why is there a need for a law? It helps to cut through the confusion as to responsibility between landlords and tenants. So you’re thinking – what do I do? September is right around the corner. Come to our Bed bug workshop!

  • Who is ultimately responsible?
  • If I’m a landlord what information must I pass along to the tenant?
  • How do I pass this information to the tenant?
  • Who must notify who and when?
  • How do bedbugs travel?
  • What is their life-cycle?
  • I’m the tenant and I think I brought them home, now what?
  • I’m a tenant what are my rights?

So attend the class and find out the answers to these questions and many more Speakers include an entomologist, carpet cleaning expert, attorney, liability insurance consultant, product information and a bed bug sniffing dog.

2 classes available in Arizona June 2nd 9 AM – 11 AM in Tempe and June 27th 9 AM – 11 AM in south Phoenix. Don’t wait until the last minute and face the possibility of fines or worse yet – the news showing up at the building.

DON’T WAIT – attend the workshop and be in the know!


Innovation – I just love it!

Just wish I could think of something cool like this, you would think that working around bugs I would have to eventually come up with something?

Check out their website BedTrak – A Reusable Bedbug Monitor Created for the Hotel Industry.

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