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This is something you often don’t heard about, snails?

Woman gets help moving out of apartment crawling with snails.” Ok to be honest the pictures aren’t that helpful but I’m  pretty sure they aren’t snails. Snails as far as I know have little shells on them. I would think more of a some type of  mold or plaster beetle larva or maybe slugs of some kind.

Ok so as always we go back to the basic premise of pest control, identification is the first step. This helps to decide the course of action leading to sanitation, physical removal and application of control measures.

My first recommendation is you have to stop the water or moisture from getting in, then I would suggest home-sealing to keep the bugs from getting in.


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Water can damage your wood home.

Water can damage your wood home.


Water can be the life blood or it can even cause issues with the way we build homes. When flashing on a roof allows water to seep in, the wood gets wet and then dries. This interaction causes brown cubicle rot, this rot looks like a wood burnt piece of wood. It is really important to understand this action and take precautions against it. When water does enter a home it takes the path of least resistance and often follows a path straight down. This often causes the water to seep through the termiticide in the ground and could allow termites to enter that area. The more water through a termiticide barrier, breaks down the termiticide and may allow termites into the structure.

This fungus also would generally fail a (WDIIR) Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Report, bear in mind that this report doesn’t get into a lengthy discussion on water and fungus but typically relates to termites and other insects.

Before you replace the floor, treat for termites.

Before you replace the floor, treat for termites.  (Yesterdays answer on picture – magnified picture of wasp nest….)

So you decide its time to replace that old flooring in your home and as you take up the old floor you discover damage and concrete cracks. Now is the time to call your termite experts because and trust me on this one you don’t want to put down the floor and then discover you need it treated. This will destroy or at the very least make the new flooring look terrible. Here is some damage from termites and some water damage, I don’t know which came first but my guess is the termites.


Nothing worse in my mind than having to drill grout lines in stone tile, because no matter how good you are it will never look as good as new. So please take a moment and think it through, treat the concrete and then lay the new floor. It will save you money in the long run and more importantly the aggravation of knowing where those drill holes are. Because your mind will focus on those marks, trust me.

Its only a shed, but!

Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what the previous homeowner was thinking when they built the shed/dog house or whatever its supposed to be.


According to the Office of Pest Management you must inspect any structure on the property and sometimes I have a hard time deciding on what exactly that structure is. The most important thing to remember is that whatever it is, if it is wood to ground then it must be marked on the Arizona state Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Report (WDIIR) form.

Why do I mention this, well if you are selling your home you want everything to go smoothly. By the way “Deep in your heart you know it probably won’t” but you have to try anyway. So if it was me, I would remove the problem shed/dog house. On another note if there is wood damage present, it’s best to get it repaired right away and not have any issues with that termite report.

I just had to laugh, a different perspective…

So I joined a few friends on a little camping trip this last weekend up north in ShowLow, Arizona. Bryan, Tosha and the cutest little baby out enjoying nature. We decided to take a small hike to the lake ( really windy by the way) but you know me always on the lookout for any bug activity when I spotted this – well I asked the following question “what do you think killed the tree” and before I even had a chance to turn -Tosha yells out a chainsaw. I really just didn’t see that one coming! Of course I was thinking about the beetles with the obvious signs of round hole damage but it got me to thinking about that the fact that maybe the rest of the world didn’t see things as I generally do. Imagine that!

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