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Building termite mounds for a Zoo.



I found this article interesting, but I have noticed over the years that many critters use termite mounds for observation. “Monarto termite mound is a high point for long time zoo volunteer Brian Tinning.” This zoo is in Adelaide Australia and this gentleman has been a volunteer there for over 40 years. Our hats off to him for his work and his dedication to wildlife.


Formosan termite photo by PPMA

Formosan termite photo by PPMA







There are many places around the world that have bigger issues with termites than Arizona. Certainly the East Coast of the US especially the southern states have more problems mainly due to more water and warmer temperatures.

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Phoenix Zoo – Phoenix, Arizona celebrates 50 years.

PHXZoo   Phoenix, Arizona celebrates 50 years.


The Phoenix Zoo is one of the largest private non-profit organizations in the country. We rely on admissions, concessions, memberships, special event and philanthropic donations for our daily operations.

By supporting the Phoenix Zoo, such donations have helped the Phoenix Zoo to serve over 42 million people since opening in 1962, care for more than 1,300 animals, including hundreds of endangered or threatened species and become the second most popular cultural attraction in Arizona, behind only the Grand Canyon.

Congratulations to the Zoo, it’s a cool place to check out the animals and have some great family fun!

What is a constrictor snake?

What is a constrictor snake?


Did you know that 17 people have died in the US due to constrictor snake related incidents since 1978? The picture above is our Brown banded Black King snake and it
kills it prey by squeezing it to death. The snake wraps itself around its prey and every time it move or breaths, the grip gets tighter. Pythons and Boa Constrictors use that method while rattlesnakes bite and stand back waiting for the poison to work.

This probably grosses you out but it is life in our woods and desert areas, the law of survival. This snakes are able to dislocate their jaw and swallow prey many times their size.

Why don’t you “Do It Yourself” pest control?

Why don’t you “Do It Yourself” pest control?

OK I’m going to tell you my secret to pest control, wait for it, wait – You have to know your bug! Anybody can spray, anybody can use a compressed sprayer and anybody can throw granules out and about. But that isn’t how it happens, the bugs just don’t walk about like you and I. They hide and frankly they are very good at it. I’ve used this analogy often – I take my fleet of trucks to BrakeMaster’s, the reason I do that is because I don’t think I’m good enough at changing my brakes and I want to stop at your home. Yes I could change my own oil but why, I could have done a termite job and had more fun. Some people are into cars or music, but I’m into bugs and I’m damn good at what I do! I love what I do and everyday is exciting and different. Whether I’m investigating where the Bed Bugs are hiding or how the Roof rats got into the house. There are people are there that have spent years in college and are good at their profession just like me – 20 years at interpreting clues and signs and that is the real reason you should call ProBest Pest Management. I’m different and there is no doubt about it, I have a Post office and Zoo at my place. I love to talk with groups like the classes I teach at Chandler Environmental Center at Veterans Oasis Park and frequently host Merit Badge classes.

Honestly isn’t that someone you would rather take care of those bug issues for you, maybe that honey do list will be done once or twice and then forgotten. Not with ProBest, we will put you on a revolving schedule – we won’t forget! Does your significant other really understand those bugs, Dr. Bug does and he love what he does.

So please just make that simple call to ProBest Pest Management at 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176. Do what you are good at and let ProBest handle those ugly littler bugs. It’s what we do every day. Bugs don’t like us but just check out our reviews on at – 75+ people love us won’t you? By the way we do more than bugs – we do customer service and we love it.

By the way I’m Keith V. Birkemeyer and I approve this message…..

One of my favorite places on planet earth – San Diego Zoo.

One of my favorite places on planet earth – San Diego Zoo.

Explore Blog: New Bat Exhibit at San Diego Zoo Safari Park debunks Old Myths. by Brenden Masar

Article from

Recent event have brought more of a focus on bats, as the Honeybee has had some disease problems this last year. The bats also developed White Nose conditions and also had a bad year, so this bat exhibit comes at a great time for the bats. It really is amazing that these bats really help man by eating lots of insects and pollinating plants and trees. To find out what you can do to help save the bat, please visit

Also visit a zoo this year – visit Association of Zoo and Aquariums and to get info on animals!

(No animals were harmed in writing this blog and we encourage the proper methods for capturing and relocating animals located in unwanted places).

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