Entomology description…

Entomology description

Entomology I love bugs. I love researching and finding great articles that explain the things that make us all unique in this world. If we were all the same the world would be a very dull place to live, work and play.

Julie Ray wrote an article at GreenAnswers.com on “What is an Entomologist“. Julie’s bio from that page “I recently completed my PhD in Ecological Sciences. Now establishing a facility for conservation called La MICA Biological Station (http://www.lamica.org). It is located in central Panama and is a community-based project focusing on conservation of the local environment, culture, and history.” It is a very interesting explanation of the job/career of someone who does that kind of work.

I would add one more explanation to her article – Pest Control, she did touch on the work of pesticides and agriculture. If you have read any of my other home seals pages you would know that I really believe in IPM or Integrated Pest Management, PESP and ┬áthe use of all the tools to get rid of pests before you get to pesticides.

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