What feelings come to mind about bed bugs?

What are your feelings when we mention Bed Bugs?

Feelings – gross, nasty I can only imagine?  Can you imagine coming home from a vacation to find that you brought home bed bugs. What words do you think come to mind. I have to agree that with all the stuff we do, this worries and grosses me out the most. I worry about something falling in my shoes or the cuff of my pants, even my clip board. So be careful and even if it doesn’t make sense change your clothes in garage and wash and hi-heat dryer everything.


 Thanks to National Pest Management Association and Professional Pest Management Alliance for providing this picture.

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  1. All the above! I actually think you covered most of it. Oh! Thinking 3 dimensionally, I love your bed bug!

    And for all these reasons, why do-it-yourself! Forget the price and get it done right by a professional … like CallProBest!

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