Genome Project – Initiative to map insect DNA

Genome Project – Initiative to map insect DNA

Genome – Several years ago in my previous life there was talk about the future of pesticides and bugs. I was really excited to hear about the research that would I hope really benefit the Pest Control Industry and homeowners. One day the work to map the DNA of bugs would take place and maybe one day we could isolate a pesticide which would only attack one sequence of a DNA strand and kill only one insect. That day may be getting closer, wouldn’t it be great to isolate one harmful insect – let’s say a Cotton Boll weevil and spray a field, knowing we would only kill the Boll weevils and not the other good insects.

The future is brighter

Can you imagine the food that could literally be saved from pests all around the world? Maybe this could end food shortages and allow people in less fortunate places the opportunity to plant and save food.

Read this article “Genome Project Will Guide Pest Control’s Future” by Anne Nagro

You can also help by contributing to this endeavor by contacting Dr. Gene Robinson 217-202-9130 or Dr. Kevin Hackett 301-504-4680


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