Mischievous creatures and rodents.

Mischievous creatures and Rodents..


I’m often reminded of the Christmas Vacation movie and the “Chevy Chase” aka  Clark Griswold’s Aunt’s  cat chewed the Christmas light strand one and the squirrel in the Christmas Tree stills gets me laughing.  But in reality it’s no laughing matter, each year hundreds if not thousands of homes catch fire because of critters chewing or gnawing on the wires.  Two fires cause minimal damage over the weekend – these were in Florida.

Attics and crawlspaces can house birds, animals, and rodents. Their feces/urine can build up over time and create a whole boatload of trouble for you. Diseases and parasites are secondary issues after the issues has been fixed. Once a month check you home for holes, entry ways into your house and just anything that may be different than the last time checked.

mischievous creatures

Photo from PPMA

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