Power spraying coming to a close…

The days of power spraying every house is coming to a close…

Spraying – So what am I talking about Willis? Many companies still continue to use power spraying to soak the yard. In my opinion it is just not needed on every home. Many new products are available which should continue to assist in our fight against pests. Limited specific targeted (IPM) use of pesticides can do just as good of a job as power spraying. Exclusion and home sealing work as well and with the added benefit of saving energy and cutting your power bills. I’m sure that many Pest Control Operators will not like my opinion but in my opinion it is just like the person spraying an entire can of pesticide on one spider, OVERKILL.

The EPA started to tighten the noose around pesticides years ago, first Chlorinated Hydrocarbons such as Chlordane and Aldrin , Organophosphates such as Dursban and then Carbamates and just recently the EPA has decided to limit rodenticides to homeowners. Now I’m not as opposed as you might think I would be on this matter, why you ask? I’ve seen people use an entire can of bug spray to kill one spider, I’ve seen a child’s bedroom floor covered in DE (Diatomaceous Earth) and yes just recently a Pest Control Technician in Utah improperly used a product and had an unfortunate catastrophe develop killing several children.

I have long been an advocate of using our resources to the betterment of our customers, we joined QualityPro and PESP (Gold) with that purpose in mind. Its not always easy to change the mindset but things change and so must we. Consider IPM Integrated Pest Management, use of pesticides as a last option. If you must use a pesticide use the least harmful to the public, read and understand the label.


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