Dirty Dining – Local coverage by KPHO

Dirty Dining – Local coverage by KPHO

One of the things that I love to do is eat and if I’m correct lots of people probably agree with me on this subject. Now with that being said what I dislike are the restaurants that don’t follow the right course of action when it comes to cleanliness. I absolutely think KPHO (Dirty Dining) is right on the money when they follow these stories and those restaurants should pay the price – no customers until they clean up their acts. The other thing I like about this series is that they also highlight the good guys as well.


Every week CBS 5 News is sent a list of restaurants that have been recently inspected by Maricopa County’s Environmental Services Dept. Thanks to KPHO for publishing the facts. Here is the way in which they are rated “Restaurant Ratings“.


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  1. seth

    I don’t go out to eat often but when i do i like to view these reports. Thanks for the reminder!

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