Pigeons and their mess…

Pigeons and their mess…

Pigeons can cause quite a mess and yet some people love and feed these pests! I have written post here before and a few people have given me their opinion and frankly I like birds. I would prefer that they do their nature thing but man has created the opportunity for many animals and pests to adapt to us. It’s really not the fault of the animal it’s just doing what it does, it needs food, shelter and water just like us. But what do you really know about them? Here are a few tidbits of information.

  • Pigeons are generational – that means that when born on your roof they will continue to come back there forever, unless permanently moved.
  • In nature they eat seeds, but will adapt to whatever we feed them.
  • Some people raise pigeons like Mike Tyson and HRH Queen Elizabeth.
  • They have a significant place in history, including Noah’s Ark, air mail service and as Passenger Pigeons.
  • There are a number of diseases associated with pigeon droppings including  Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, and Psittacosis.
  • Birds foul many buildings, statues and homes with their feces.

About the only way to remove them from your home is to exclude them, use hardware cloth and I would suggest not feeding them. Let them find food on their own and maybe they might move on.






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