What’s worse rodents or snakes?

What’s worse rodents or snakes?

I guess it all depends on your perspective, maybe you are not a fan of either one. Phobias get to all of us I think (recent article ProBest’s Blog Fear and Phobia’s) and from my earliest day spiders have not been a good thought. So which is worse – I think either could be but at least generally speaking snakes can kill you. I’m going to rank snakes higher on my list just because they can bite.

So  this fall I received a call from a warehouse that was really having an issue with  snakes and rattlesnakes to boot. They were wondering about near the bay doors and has people were coming around the corners they would get the shock of their life. So the fix is to take away the food, if you eliminate or reduce the numbers of rodents the snakes will move on. Now thats if they read the same book I read. But just for the facts it worked, reduced the number of rodents and the snake call went away.

Remember its not so much the technique as it is the knowledge. You can spend time trying to figure out the options and spend money often times with little or no effects. So call a Pest Management Professional at ProBest Pest Management and be ahead of the game.


  1. Preston

    Rattlesnakes are much more dangerous to a person’s immediate life and limb than a rat. Rats are more dangerous to physical property in the short sight, and also more dangerous to health in the long haul. I’d be much more scared to approach just a single rattler than a rat.

  2. Rod

    You know i think Rats get a bad name all because of a couple diseases, that a few have had. i have owned a pet rat and it was way smart, very clean, and such a cool little guy. heck without a tail its a smart hamster!

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