Don’t throw away furniture because of Bed Bugs!

Don’t throw away furniture because of Bed Bugs!

I know they are creepy and the mere mention of the word strikes fear in many, don’t respond to PANIC! I have watched these shows on TV like “Infested” and you don’t have to throw away all your furniture. Don’t panic, think it through and create a plan of attack. Here are a few of my rules when it comes to Bed Bugs!

  1. I’ll say it again, don’t panic. Look for them or evidence of them – IDENTIFY them first!
  2. Think about how they got there, did someone travel or did you have guest over?
  3. Don’t start taking the furniture outside or moving it from room to room – you may spread the problem.
  4. If someone is being bitten, isolate the area (example) if they are being bitten on the right side by the knee – check out that area of the room not just the bed but I would start there.
  5. My personal opinion is this is something that you shouldn’t do yourself (by the way NO BUG BOMBS please) I think it just makes them go deeper into a crack or crevice trying to get away from the pesticide. This often leads to creating a harder treatment program for the Professional.
  6. OK you have Bed Bugs and you called a Pro, follow their Prep Sheet – the more you participate the better and faster the program will work. Vacuuming is very important, just make sure to empty the bag or container. Many years ago a homeowner had fleas and used the vacuum, didn’t empty the bag and the eggs hatched in the closet. There were 1000’s of fleas in that closet and trying to get out into the home, empty the vacuum you’ll thank me later!

These bugs are tiny, elusive and very difficult to get rid of but not impossible. As I said and I will say it again “Don’t Panic” and don’t give up. If you have any questions you can always send me an for my opinion

Don’t throw away furniture because of Bed Bugs!

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  1. jasonalonzo

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