Javelina or Groundhog Day!

Javelina or Groundhog Day

Javelina is about as close as we get to Groundhogs. Groundhog Day owes its true origins to the ancient Greeks, who believed that an animal’s shadow was its soul, blackened by the past year’s sins. While the animal hibernates, its soul is cleansed by nature, and if it wakes up before winter is over, it will see the dirty shadow and be horrified and then return to its den for more purification.

Groundhog Day in 2012 is on Thursday, February 2

Update – Update

“Many shadows do I see: six more weeks of winter it must be.”


Not a Groundhog above but a sort of pig and as you can tell he saw his shadow as well.


  1. Zacc

    I’ve got a groundhog problem, do you exterminate groundhogs?

    • If you had a groundhog I’ll bet I could but somehow I don’t think you do. But with any of your pest problems just give proBest Pest Management a call at 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176

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