QR Codes – ProBest Pest Management and others…

QR Codes – ProBest Pest Management and others…

A few weeks ago Zacc Cooley (Six Chip Consulting) 480-225-3040 did a presentation at our little ANTS (A Network of Top Strategist) networking meeting on QR Codes. They are becoming quite the trend in getting your message out, they have them for vcards, email addresses, websites etc. Basically a QR Code is a bar-code on steroids. Here are a few made by a local company, they made the one for ProBest Pest Management as well!

BBB Systems is a local company right here in Phoenix, AZ and since they were so kind to create our QR Code I thought we would show off some of their other work.

     danelli_qr_code_2_12_13_2011     DemersQRcode     LaTorrettaQRcode     Print     WhitfillQRcode

So I thought we would have a Question and Answer about BBB Systems. We are going to be running a few get to know home seals about Local Businesses as well as some great information from a good friend of mine Mary Contreras on shopping local.

> Names of the owners? A: Ben Laurienti & Bryan Laurienti (brothers)

> Why did you get into this type of work? A: We saw that there were a lot of small businesses whose websites were in need of serious improvement. Ben happened to be a programmer and I (Bryan Laurienti) am a designer, so it was a logical move to make something out of it.

> What challenges do you face daily? A: We never lose sight of the bigger picture, which is to provide each unique client an equally unique product that gets them results. It’s a competitive business and that just motivates us to do the best we can and help our clients be successful. To do that, we have to constantly keep up with the latest technologies and industry standards and focus on producing a high-quality product.

> What makes your day? A: When a client calls to tell us they just received their first order from their new website. We’ve had clients cater in food to our office, give us tickets to events, and just a few weeks ago, one client gave us a plaque with “Vendor of the Year” engraved on it. When you think about the whole process of winning a client, developing their website, and ultimately launching the site, there’s a lot at stake for the client. Most of our clients are not tech-savvy, many of them have been burned in the past, and all of that makes them a little bit reluctant to get mixed up with yet another web development company. It’s a big leap of faith. But once they see their website in action and performing the way they’d always envisioned, they are very happy to tell us that they made a great decision. That always makes our day.

> What part of your work do you enjoy the most? A: On a serious note, designing, writing, and programming websites gives you insight you would never otherwise have into the inner workings a variety of industries. We’ve programmed shipping calculators for oil companies, dealt with data feeds from major MLS systems, and written content for every type of service company imaginable. You learn a lot building websites because you absolutely have to.

On a lighter note, when you sit in front of a computer screen most of the day, of course you can find entertainment online. But it’s always great to get away from your desk and have some fun with the rest of the team. Sometimes that involves the occasional Nerf gun battle, which is medically recommended for all of us to stay sane.

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  1. This is awesome! Thanks so much for featuring us in your blog post! We’re so happy you like your QR code and hope it has helped you with your marketing efforts. Have a great day!

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