Why don’t you “Do It Yourself” pest control?

Why don’t you “Do It Yourself” pest control?

OK I’m going to tell you my secret to pest control, wait for it, wait – You have to know your bug! Anybody can spray, anybody can use a compressed sprayer and anybody can throw granules out and about. But that isn’t how it happens, the bugs just don’t walk about like you and I. They hide and frankly they are very good at it. I’ve used this analogy often – I take my fleet of trucks to BrakeMaster’s, the reason I do that is because I don’t think I’m good enough at changing my brakes and I want to stop at your home. Yes I could change my own oil but why, I could have done a termite job and had more fun. Some people are into cars or music, but I’m into bugs and I’m damn good at what I do! I love what I do and everyday is exciting and different. Whether I’m investigating where the Bed Bugs are hiding or how the Roof rats got into the house. There are people are there that have spent years in college and are good at their profession just like me – 20 years at interpreting clues and signs and that is the real reason you should call ProBest Pest Management. I’m different and there is no doubt about it, I have a Post office and Zoo at my place. I love to talk with groups like the classes I teach at Chandler Environmental Center at Veterans Oasis Park and frequently host Merit Badge classes.

Honestly isn’t that someone you would rather take care of those bug issues for you, maybe that honey do list will be done once or twice and then forgotten. Not with ProBest, we will put you on a revolving schedule – we won’t forget! Does your significant other really understand those bugs, Dr. Bug does and he love what he does.

So please just make that simple call to ProBest Pest Management at 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176. Do what you are good at and let ProBest handle those ugly littler bugs. It’s what we do every day. Bugs don’t like us but just check out our reviews on at Kudzu.com – 75+ people love us won’t you? By the way we do more than bugs – we do customer service and we love it.

By the way I’m Keith V. Birkemeyer and I approve this message…..


  1. I think is better to engage a experienced pest control company.

  2. The only choice is to hire a licensed pest control company. Do-it-yourself products can actually make pest issues worse. People often prefer these type of products because they see immediate results, however, with ants for instance, colonies can multiply rapidly and branch out when Raid is used.

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