When is that good deal not such a good deal?

When is that good deal not such a good deal?

From time to time I hear about those great deals, which all of us probably run into. Last week I got another one of those flyers in the mail on carpet cleaning – “Any size room steam cleaned & deodorized $4.95” of course then the fine print – 2 room minimum, heavily soils carpet will require preconditioning. Oh and don’t forget travel charge applies to all areas.

Come on who are they kidding? By the time you add in all those hidden fees, it could (and probably is)  the same as a reputable Better Business Bureau company. By the way I also decided to do as search for their company at the BBB and it appears that there is an Alert on this company.

Its the same with pest control companies, I’m often amazed at the discrepancy of pricing and I ran into one this weekend. 4000 – 5000 square foot home, 4 bedrooms with a living room with Bed Bugs. My price started at $1250 and the other quoted price was $550. Bed Bugs are a serious and time consuming treatment protocol and this job would take take us most of the day to complete. I can understand shopping for the best price but lets consider some other factors?

  1. What are the protocols? We issue a prep sheet which must be followed.
  2. What are they using? We use Steam, with a dust material put into crack & crevices and wall voids and Phantom liquid spray around baseboards.
  3. How long will they be there, estimate? For this size home probably 6 – 8 hours.
  4. How long has this business been in business? 30+ years
  5. Do they have reviews by BBB, Kudzu, MerchantCircle or anyone else? No complaints and plenty of reviews.
  6. Are they licensed and insured? Office of Pest Management #8411 and we carry General Liability, Auto and Workman’s Compensation
  7. Are they member so of Crimshield? CrimeFreeCircle Yes, since 2008.

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