If I only had one tool to use for pest control what would it be?



The tool would be this little fellow, it’s a Bellows type hand duster. Now you’re probably saying why are 2 different colors of this handy little tool, glad you asked? Green = no pesticide, Red = pesticide. We often use Diatomaceous Earth or DE for short and since its not a pesticide is considered GREEN, this powder has a abrasive texture and cuts the cuticle on the insects and is not considered a pesticide. By the way there are different cuts of DE and you must use a food grade type not the pool stuff.

Now obviously I can’t use a duster for everything but this tool could just about take care of everything. I love to dust cracks and crevices where those little bugs hide. You can dust behind baseboards, tack strips excusion plates (those metal plates where pipes comes through the walls), kitchen and bathrooms vanities, inside walls oh any those bump-outs of the block walls ( Bill says those are called pilasters) I’m not convinced yet but everyone knows what a bump-out is.

Doesn’t it make sense that that is where the bugs are going to hide during the day? That is where I would hide to get out of the heat and stay away from predators. I’ll say this again, anybody can spray a bug but the real test is when there is a mega infestation, its all about the biology and habits of those bugs. Da da that’s where ProBest Pest management comes in, “Call a Pro… Call the Best. ProBest!

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