Maybe someone could explain this 3rd picture?

Maybe someone could explain this 3rd picture?



1st picture – beehive fell from wall, maybe is was so HOT it melted – OK I’m teasing but it did fall.

2nd picture – beehive wasn’t attached to tree limb but wall.

3rd picture – this was no where close to the wall but the bees were just settling there – hot asphalt somewhat in the shade under the tree, was it a swarm. They would move if I touched them with something like a stick but wouldn’t fly away. I thought maybe honey was dripping – no hive above, I thought maybe the Queen landed there – no I looked and couldn’t find her. Any ideas????????????????

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  1. Surely it’s just a swarm Keith. Queeny is in there somewhere for sure unless she had flown off somewhere close by and the workers were lagging a little.

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