​Post Tension Slabs versus Floating Slabs


Post Tension Slabs versus Floating Slabs


From time to time even the post tension slab could crack or allow entry point for termites to get through, the floating slab has concrete meeting concrete and therefore has a crack where termites can make entry into the home. The one thing to remember is never drill the concrete post tension, unless you know what you are doing. Hands down the better slab is the Post Tension in regards to termites, less protrusions through the concrete. Take precautions and take it slow!



  1. How can you tell if they are Termites or just some random bug?

  2. It’s interesting to learn about the benefits of post tension concrete when it comes to termites. We had a termite problem in our first home, and I never want that again. If post tension slabs don’t hardly have any entry points, that’s what we’ll choose for our patio.

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