Bed Bug job – Day 1 – The Inspection.

Bed Bug job – Day 1, Invader Pest Management & ProBest Pest Management


Most of this pest control work requires an inspection and I’m a big believer in this inspection. It’s an integral part of a process that must be worked to achieve the desired outcome – no bed bugs.

What would happen if you were quoted a price and the day of service the service company changed their mind and wanted more money? It’s not your fault, so I truly believe an inspection is the absolute only way to begin to understand a Bed Bug job. Bed Bugs come with their own baggage of problems, how did you get them, where are they so far, what have you done so far to solve the problem  and what does the home look like? All this being said – is the home cluttered?

ProBest Pest Management has been working with Chanel 3 on a Bed Bug story and located a family that was in need of some Professional work, after seeing the house we decided the only way to solve this bed bug issue was to bring in my friends from Invader Pest Management and their heat equipment.

So first the inspection:


Clutter always adds an extra element of success or failure, it is important to get to where the Bed Bugs are hiding and with clutter it could be anywhere. The next portion of this series will be the treatment, so stay tuned!


  1. Wow that is quite the cluttered house!! I don’t know how you live like that?

  2. Keith, you are being so generous calling it “clutter”, I think there might be other words to describe what we had to work with. You might mention, these folks were elderly – over 80, and had accumulated over 50 years of stuff, not including the grandkid and his stuff too!

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