Hantavirus a Real Threat to SouthWest…

Hantavirus a Real Threat to SouthWest…


I was watching Ice Road Truckers the other night and caught the program where the guy got really sick and they determined that he had mice inside the cab of his truck = Hantavirus. The Southwest is experiencing an increase in this disease, 18 confirmed cases mostly from the west AZ, CO, NM, CA, ID, MT, WA – (New York and Iowa was in the mix).

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrone (HPS) is a viral disease characterized by fever, a severe pulmonary (lung) illness and often a fatal outcome. The case-fatality ratio with HPS is 43% (meaning 43% of people with HPS die).

Hantavirus A Threat… Rodent Disease on the Rise

Adams County,CO Woman Dies from Hantavirus

Facts about Hantavirus

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