How the bugs get in? Part 2


This is one of those issues that most people don’t think about – at all. Let’s say you are a snowbird, or you have a spare bathroom that you hardly ever use except when company drops by? Do you ever consider the bathtub drain or the sink drain? Do you know what a P-trap or a S-trap is and what function it serves?

This device allows water to form and become somewhat of a seal against gases and other notorious stuff including bugs from coming up the drain pipes. So if you never check that bathroom or the drain, the water evaporates and allows those noxious fumes and sometimes bugs the opportunity to enter your home of business. I even recommend adding a little mineral oil to the drain, as this will protect the water from evaporating as fast – I understand that this will not harm the water treatment system. This also may prevent those bugs from swimming through the water and by getting  it on their skin and possible stopping them from breathing.

          See the American roaches – they are commonly called sewer roaches because they hide in sewer pipes and systems.

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