Eyeless spider discovered in Laos

Eyeless spider discovered in Laos


Honestly all I can say is better it’s in Laos than my back yard, Creepy Eyeless Spider Discovered in Cave. Spiders are just one of those bugs that most people either hate or dislike so I can understand all the phobia’s out there on this bug.

Scientists figure that there are still 5 million species still waiting to be discovered.Read this “Undiscovered Species – How many are left to find?” I think there is one out there that should have my name on it, what say you?

Category Species Totals
Vertebrate Animals
Reptiles 1,300
Amphibians 8,500
Fishes 8,000
Total Vertebrates 17,800
Invertebrate Animals
Insects 4,000,000
Arachnids 500,000
Molluscs 115,000
Crustaceans 103,000
Echinoderms 7,000
Others 700,000
Total Invertebrates 5,425,000
Flowering plants (angiosperms) 71,000
Ferns and horsetails 15,000
Mosses & Liverworts 6,500
Total Plants 80,500

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