Mosquito Proverb…

In my early years I became a Boy Scout and had the opportunity to become a member of the Order of the Arrow ( honored camper society) the beginning of this endeavor was to camp out alone (I was probably 13) all by yourself and the next day perform good works for the scout camp and stay silent. The mosquitoes were fierce and they wouldn’t leave me alone, so I can understand that proverb – I never did sleep! But I did pass my Ordeal and later received my Brotherhood and Vigil as a youth.

I often hear people say – if Noah had just not taken the mosquito or termite into the Ark, how different our planet would be?

Everything has it’s place and the mosquitoes are food for birds and the termites food for ants, such is life!

I say thank goodness for medicine, entrepreneurs and pest management professionals!

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  1. Nice quote! And your solo camping trip sounds pretty intense – I wouldn’t want to spend the night with mosquitoes!

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