Teach your children well, bugs can be nasty!

Teach your children well, bugs can be nasty!

¬†Yesterdays answer is the Arizona Brown Spider—

This morning as I listened to the news, I heard a report about the fact that Arizona may continue to get hotter and by 2040 we could have over 3 weeks of greater than 115 degrees. I will tell you it is a dry heat but that is really hot and uncomfortable. With the increase in higher temperatures we will continue to see an increase in bug activity. The other problem I see is the movement further North of some bugs, like Africanized Bees. This recent event happened in Texas and they estimated over 100,000 bees in this hive.

Wolf Spiders have also been on the move, we have received numerous calls on them getting into homes. Home sealing is a great way to stop them before they get into your home.

Scorpions are also a major bug in Arizona and children should be taught early on not to mess with them even if they look dead. Often times they are just still and can very quickly sting anyone touching or messing with them.

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