Termite sleuth at the job!


Well you know the story it’s not about the actual job it’s my knowledge you really need! At least from the point of view of bugs and termites, anyway. Every once in a while one comes along to almost baffle me, well this one did. Here’s the story:

Two story home, wooden floors downstairs and upstairs, termites issues in the past and we were called to stop them in the wooden floors 11/2011. We actually did drill the wooden floors, customer will eventually have to remove and replace flooring. Termites gone but now the rest of the story.

Upstairs they had a waste basket on the floor and when they went to move it – it was very wet on the bottom. We are talking dripping wet, went back to investigate and pulled up some of the flooring and it appeared to have had termites at one point. Mud is very dry, but when they place the waste basket near the area it gets wet.

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