You really have to be on the game with termite control, part 1


Two different termite inspections this week and did they put me to the test.

Normally my first guess is that we are dealing with Drywood termites, usually Drywood’s are brown in color but I’m glad I dug deeper into this swarm. Just to set the record straight we don’t encounter swarming termites like they do the east coast, I ran into one a few years back in Mesa so that is 2 in 7 years. These little termites also made a swarm at around 4 pm to 7 pm and generally speaking – Subterranean termites 11 am – 2 pm and Drywood’s 4 pm – 7pm and I’ll mention Formosan termites from 11 pm to midnight (give or take). So the clues are building, these termites swarmed from a vent in the laundry room, I checked the attic but nothing visible and then after cleaning and taking a few samples I had that ah ha moment. At the very corner of the laundry room behind the washer I thought I noticed some peeling of the baseboard. I pulled out the washer and started to dig and I found the termites and guess what – they were subterranean termites not Drywood’s. So you can’t judge a termite by it’s color…..

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