Transport Termiticide

Transport Termiticide and how does it work, really. Taking termite control to the next level.

With its unique non-repellent formulation, Transport® termiticide by FMC quickly controls termite infestations that are causing costly structural and cosmetic damage to your customers’ homes while also providing long term protection from future termite invasions.

Transport termiticide is extremely effective at controlling all three genera of termites, including Reticulitermes, Heterotermes and Coptotermes. With its improved speed of knockdown, lasting residual and good resistance management properties, Transport has shown incredible performance even in seriously infested structures. Efficacy data shows that in 94% of treatments, Transport termiticide stopped termite activity within 30 days of treatment.

An application with Transport (label) (msds)actually creates two active treatment zones within the soil. The outer zone provides quick results against termites active inside and outside of the structure, while the inner zone provides a long-lasting barrier of protection to prevent future invasions.

I mentioned yesterday that the only issue I had with Termidor was that it might allow termites an opportunity to rebuild a tube or tunnel and create a callback – this product effectively eliminates that worry.

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