Rodents and your home, what do you need to know?


You must know your enemy! An inspection of your home or business is the first part of your investigation. Most people don’t really care to think about these little furry invaders of our home, but think you must. These creatures carry diseases and can pass along other not so fun stuff, like parasites and other pests. So what should you look for:

  1. Any opening which could allow rodents to slip into your home.
  2. Check high and low, check the ceiling, attic  and crawlspace areas thoroughly.
  3. Check the garbage areas, it can often be about food sources.
  4. Have you seen signs of activity, feces or strange smells.
  5. Check the attic, also look for chewed wires.
  6. Trees should not touch the structure, this is like a super highway into the home or business.
  7. Check screens or windows, check that they are in place and not damaged.
  8. Check to see that doors are equipped with door sweeps.
  9. Check where wires come into the building for signs of rub marks.
  10. Don’t leave pet food laying around indoors or outdoors.
  11. Check out buildings for nesting of birds or rodents, check under buildings if they are raised. Checks decks and other types of structures – like gazebos, swings or play areas.
  12. Check garage door seals.

If you decide to attack the issues yourself, use care and caution. If you need some expert advice see out a Pest Management Professional and THINK like a mouse…


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