Ho, Ho Ho – Pest Tips for the Christmas Season

  Ho, Ho Ho – Pest Tips for the Christmas Season

As the season approaches and you begin the work to set up all those decorations we thought we should share a few tips on decorating:

  1. If you stored anything in your attic, check those boxes before you bring them into your home. I suggest opening them in your garage and unpacking before distributing them throughout your home. (Rodents, roaches, scorpions and all types of nasty critters could be making a home within those boxes).
  2. Check that Christmas tree before bringing it into your home, bird and bugs could be living within those branches. Some bugs lay eggs or egg cases on trees and plant, so take care. Also check any wreaths or homemade type of decorations for insects or eggs.
  3. If your putting up lights or decorations outside, check for signs of infestations such as birds nesting in eaves and honeybees going in and out from a hole or crack.
  4. If you are putting decorations on you roof (be careful) but check for any signs of infestation. Rodents and wildlife may be scratching or clawing at wood or shingles trying to gain entry, this is a great time to check for any type of activity.
  5. If your putting lights on shrubs or trees, check for signs of nesting such as pack rats and other types of birds.
  6. If you bring in firewood, only take in what you re going to use right away. Some beetles lays eggs in wood and if it is warmer in the home they may decide it’s summer time and exit the wood.


Merry Christmas to all our friends may you enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable pest free holiday season and just remember we are but a phone call away.

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