Kudo’s to Phoenix Magazine

Kudo’s to Phoenix Magazine


They recently ran a story on “Sticker Shock” December 2012 by Tom Marcinko in Phoenix Magazine on the new Scorpion anti-venom. We ran a home seal “Face the Facts” back in August 2011 on the new technology including the new anti-venom. So how about a few “Did you know that?”

  1. Scorpions typically eat insects, but their diet can be extremely variable—another key to their survival in where they live.If you can get rid of their harborage (where they hide, or where their food hides) it will help control them.
  2. The venom, a neuro-toxin, it is held in a gland at the tip of the tail and is injected through its stinger to kill prey by affecting the central nervous system. Sometimes they can sting us by accident, always wear gloves and never put your hands where you can’t see.
  3. Rain or the lack of rain, cold or the lack of cold can make the scorpions here in Arizona move and cause a few problems. I suggest homesealing your home.
  4. The time to know about scorpions is before you are stung, read the stories above and take care!

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