Photo from ProBest Pest Management

Photo from ProBest Pest Management (my favorite) notice the lime green legs and wonderful colors...


Nature’s Assassins: Assassin Bugs

What a great name!! – “Assassin Bugs” – and these critters really do try to live up to it, by jabbing their sharp mouth into other insects they’ve captured, and sucking out the juicy stuff inside. In this effort these insects certainly qualify as “beneficial” predators. Unfortunately some of the different kinds are also given other names, and these are far more threatening to us. We call some species Kissing Bugs or Cone-nosed Bugs, because there are a few kinds that feed on the blood of animals rather than on other insects. This interesting family called the Reduviidae is worth knowing about, and worth being aware of if you live in areas where the kissing bugs are prevalent. Check out further Assassin Bug info from a Univar site.


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