Things you shouldn’t ignore…


  1. Being bitten by something at night – OK don’t panic, it might not be what your thinking but. So think before you react, ask yourself some questions – have you traveled, have you had guest over, do children frequent your home? If you check your bedroom and you find a bug please save it for the pest company or if you are able to bring it to a Pest Management Professional that would be great. You can also send a picture just don’t smoosh it. Remember it might not be a Bed Bug, on the other hand it might so take care.
  2. Honeybees flying in and out of your home, the longer they stay the bigger the issue becomes. More bees equals more honeycomb, wax and honey. Aagin this is a problem that requires a Pest Management Professional.
  3. Dirt, soil or mud tubes on the walls or coming down the ceiling of your home. Well its probably termites and the faster you make that call the less damage will occur.
  4. Water stains on the ceiling, water problems can lead to termite problems. This is a call for the roofer!


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