Mud daubers are not Termites!

Mud daubers are not Termites!


I sometimes get called to homes to find that they see a Mud dauber nest and not a termite mud tunnel.

muddauber1     probestpestmanagementIMAG0743     termitetube


Picture #1 is a Mud dauber wasp nest and there are a variety of shapes and styles but basically a glob of dirt molded by the female wasp to hide/protect her eggs. She will lay an egg and usually provide it with paralyzed spiders.

Picture #2 and #3 are Subterranean termite mud shelter tubes, typically much more slender in size.

The good news – if it is a Mud dauber – just scrape the mud off the house – that’s it. The bad news if it’s termites – I think you should call ProBest Pest Management!


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