Are head lice a thing that pest control companies handle?

Are head lice a thing that pest control companies handle?


Head lice are often associated with school children or children in general. There is a big difference between Bed Bugs and head lice.

Bed Bugs versus Head Lice
Bed Bugs don’t live on the host. Head Lice die after 24 -478 hours after falling off host.
Small, reddish brown insects no wings

Head Lice look like small grains of rice
Hide and come out to feed at night Oval bugs attach themselves to the hair in order to feed
Hitch a ride on furniture Spread through contact
Live anywhere, beds, cracks, etc Live on hair not scalp
Professional Pest Control Lice treatment at pharmacy

Here are some recommendations concerning Head Lice control

  • Use a product from a pharmacy recommended for head lice. Seek the advice of the Pharmacist.
  • Wash hair and comb out the head lice with a lice/nit comb.
  • Head lice do not transmit any diseases.
  • Wash bedding in very hot water and hot cycle for drier.

If you encounter Bed Bugs then seek a Pest Management Professional at but Head Lice can be handled by medications and a little work of your own. By the way don’t use kerosene, gasoline or anything else you might have laying around your home – somebody can get hurt.

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