Time for a change?


Is it time for a change with your Pest Control company, do they answer calls promptly and do they provide exceptional customer service? If they don’t I think it is time for a change. What should they provide you for pest control?

  • Well they should be able to get rid of the bugs. A few years back I just happened to be at a house for a termite inspection refinance and we got talking about bugs. She complained about American Cockroaches getting into the kitchen, as I did my inspection I brought along my bellows duster and just started dusting wall voids and the block wall voids. Surprise – the roaches came out in droves, they were everywhere. I took that account away from another pest company that day, just because I paid attention to her complaint.
  • Are they members of their local, state and national pest management association.  Arizona Professional Pest Organization (AZPPO), National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and are they QualityPro?
  • Does your Pest Company listen to you, do they answer your calls promptly and do they return calls promptly?
  • It’s the year of Social Media, do they have reviews from customers just like yourself?

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