What do you look for with carpet and pests?


 What do you look for with carpet and pests?


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Yearly carpet cleaning is a great time to examine and inspect your carpets. More dirt equals more wear and tear on carpets. This pest above is a carpet pest as well as a pest to any type of hide, carpet or artwork. Webbing Clothes Moths or Casemaking Moths can do real damage to all types of products including taxidermy, feathers, any type of wool and furs. Remember it is not the adult that feeds on these products but the larva, so be on the lookout for any strange type of actvity happening on the carpet or product.

The key to control is proper identification, good sanitation and pesticide application when necessary.

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  1. Pests can definitely make their home in carpets if you don’t clean them on regular basis, for healthy environment it is important to take care of such issues.

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