Can kind of concern do rodents pose?

Can kind of concern do rodents pose?


  • Rodents pose a serious threat of spreading disease, I read reports weekly about the spread of disease and rodents are right at the top generally speaking. What are some of those nasty little diseases I’m talking about. —Plague, salmonellosis, Hanta Virus, leptospirosis, rickettsialpox and lymphomactic choriomeningitis.
  • Gnawing, they can gnaw electrical lines, pool pump lines, all the while possibly triggering an explosion or file within homes or businesses. They also cause damage to the structure itself by creating holes or entry points.
  • They carry parasites like fleas and ticks and if you get rid of the rodent may have only you to feed upon.
  • They contaminate about 20% of the world’s food supply by either eating it or spreading filth like feces or urine into it.
  • They can also make you fearful, have nightmares and have anxiety attacks.

So I think it is extremely important to keep them out and in check, if you have an issue call a  Pest Management Professional today or ASAP.


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