What is “Community Emergency Response (CERT) Program”

CERT logo3


The City of Chandler Fire Department’s response was to establish a local Community Emergency Response (CERT) Program as part of the City’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and local homeland security response. Our program is nationally recognized and is one the premier programs in the valley.

The Chandler CERT program’s mission is to ensure that disaster preparedness education and information is made available to the residents of Chandler through training and community outreach programs. Our purpose is to increase the knowledge and preparedness of Chandler’s residents by teaching them how to deal with natural or man-made disasters up to 72 hours or until help arrives to assist them.


So your asking yourself, why is Dr. Bug talking about this group? Well I’m glad you asked. This week I gave them training on “Things that bite or sting, or are just plain creepy”. I applaud a group that thinks outside the box, but as a Firefighter or Volunteer you don’t what to get injured or bring things home with you.

So my hat’s off to them for attending the class and as always I’m here to share what I know about bugs.

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