What’s happening in your neighborhood?

This story scared me and I wanted to bee sure everyone paid attention to issues in your neighborhood. This story takes place in Florida but could easily be Arizona,  Texas or any place where bees can make a home. This home in Port Orange, Florida had been plagued in the past but now that it is vacant it continues to be a problem in their neighborhood. I suggest that we all have something at stake in a neighborhood where there might be a foreclosed or vacant home. Here are my tips to stay safe when it comes to bees:

  • Check your home monthly especially in the Spring and Fall for unwanted guests.
  • Check the roof line and if you have a crawlspace make sure all doors are sealed.
  • Home seal your home.
  • Check the door thresholds, make sure they are sealed.
  • Check screens, repair or adjust if needed.
  • Check out building as well, sheds, cottages etc.
  • Bee work may not be a Do It Yourself (DIY) project, use caution or call a Pest Management Professional.

DIY   or maybe NOT!

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