Do you have any Pest Control Tips?


I’m sure each one of my readers have heard from their Grandparents or friends one tip that will help in getting rid of pests. So lets challenge everyone to contribute one or two great little tips.

For example there is one going around the web, which states that if you put some type of leaf into your bedroom – Bed Bugs will get caught in the bean leaf tiny hooks on the leaves. But who wants bean leaves all around the house?

So lets have a little fun here and tell me your stories, maybe the best one (my choice) will get featured on an upcoming home seal story.



Comments on my home seal at seal


  1. bryan

    I heard if you put an onion in your room at night you won’t catch the bubonic plague

    • I’m not willing to take the chance, how would onions affect rats or fleas anyway. So I’m going with a NO on this one.

  2. David

    I’ve heard lavender and cedar can help keep a lot of pests away – but that they dry out quickly in the desert and need to be reapplied too frequently to be really useful.

  3. If you find a good exterminator and put them on service you should be able to sleep nights. Be sure to follow all of their suggestions.

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