What do you know about ticks?



In Arizona we run into ticks very often, they are commonly found on dogs, cats, pets and the abundant wildlife we have in the desert. A common way for them to migrate is on the wildlife, such as Ground Squirrels, rodents or even birds which might visit your yard and the tick(s) might actually fall off.

With Bed Bugs becoming more of an issue these days it is extremely important to know what they both look like. So before thinking you have Bed Bugs identify and then plan your attack strategy.

  1. Keep the grass trimmed and keep bushes and trees away from the house.
  2. Keep an eye out for your pets and if you locate a tick remove it correctly.
  3. If you see rodents, take care of them immediately.
  4. Ticks will enter your home so sometimes it is necassary to use pesticides – call a Pest Management Professional for any help in this matter.
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