Hey I saw a fuzzy ant, is it dangerous?


Yes and no, actually it’s a wasp and yes it can sting. They were actually called “Cow Killers” and can add a real punch when stung – it was said that a female sting was so painful that it could actually kill a cow. They are a solitary wasp and are found throughout the U.S., the females are large, wingless and hairy. They are 1/8 to 1 inch in length and can be orange, red, yellow black or white. The males don’t have stingers and also they have wings. They are rated Class IV and a tarantula sting at a Class II. Remember wasps, hornets, yellow-jackets all can sting multiple times while honeybees can only sting once (unless its the Queen – no barbs on her stinger). Do you know why – Comment below.



NO need to worry, just don’t pick them up or accidentally step on one and you will be fine. Another reason to always wear shoes in Arizona, scorpions to Velvet ants (wasps).

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  1. And they are amazingly hard to squash due to their rather thick exoskeleton.

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