Talk buggy to me baby, why Bed Bugs might be resistant to pesticides?

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All the bugs are talking about it, and it turns out a lot of Entomologist/Scientists are talking as well. “How Bed Bugs shrug off pesticides and simple measures to deal with it.” I don’t care how much we complain but the EPA will never let certain pesticides come back, gone are DDT, Chlordane and all of its little partners. Once gone from their books and it’s never coming back, trust me on this one.

“Every living thing on Earth has a unique set of strategies to adapt to life-threatening situations in the environment,” said Fang Zhu, Ph.D., a leader of the research who spoke at the meeting.”The surprise discovery we never expected is that most of the genes responsible for pesticide resistance in the bedbug are active in its outer skin-like shell or cuticle. This is the unique adaption that has not been discovered in cockroaches, termites, ants or other insects.”

It is research like this that will continue to be the mainstay of pest control, using their bug weakness to fight them. The pest control industry can still use their super powers daily to combat these little blood suckers.

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