Bug Zoo and guest



So today at the Bug Zoo at Chandler Environmental Education Center I had a rather well informed bug guy (parent). Not usual for me to have another expert on hand but I met Rubin and he has way more spiders and stuff than I do. Plus he and his child were wearing Tarantula t-shirts that were way cool.



Plus the fact that he took out the tarantula and played with it, something I have never done nor will do. See the fangs on this spider.


He also has stuff I don’t have so maybe we will be getting some new bugs for our zoo. He has some baby Domino Cockroaches and a WhipScorpion so stay tuned for more exciting news on the zoo update.

Oh and by the way –  The Phoenix Zoo announced today that they’ve acquired animals from the recently closed Las Vegas Zoo: two Patagonian cavies, two red-rumped agoutis and two Chinese alligators. The Zoo is one of multiple facilities offering assistance to provide for the animals from the Las Vegas Zoo.  Website is http://www.phoenixzoo.org/

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