What exactly is “A Peace of Mind Inspection”?


My theory is that no one knows everything, period. I can assure you I know bugs and that includes the pests that can damage your home. Termites are right up there and cause about 5 billion a year in damage across the U.S. While our termites here in Arizona aren’t quite the most aggressive in eating your home they still cause damage.

So my advice, get a yearly termite inspection. Most companies provide free quotes for termite treatment options. ProBest Pest Management offers free quotes and we charge a nominal fee ($45) for a regular home inspection. We may also provide some recommendations concerning conducive conditions which might encourage termites gaining entry into your home. This is different from a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report ($57-$67) required generally for the sale of a home and we generally provide a free warranty if we don’t find termites at the time of the inspection * disclaimers, to the new buyers.

What do we look for generally? (not inclusive) – You can also look for these signs.

  • Termite tubes, tunnels, dirt on drywall and drop tubes from the ceiling.
  • Termite damage, baseboards and wood.
  • Termite pellets from Drywood termites.
  • Water damage, including stains from leaks.
  • In out brief tour of your home we may notice other things maybe or maybe not related to termites such as mold or smells indicative of mildew etc.
  • Feces (such as rodent droppings).
  • Screening not in place.
  • Home-sealing.

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