Some flies have stripes, why do Zebra’s have stripes?

Blending in, right?

Some flies have stripes, is it to blend in. I really thought that it was to blend in but I was wrong. Looks like the reason for their stripes has to do with warding off insects. “Why do Zebra’s have stripes? To keep the bugs off.


flies PPMA

Have you seen those TV shows in the Arctic where the flying insects looked like there were zillions. The poor animals having to endure the biting and blood sucking pests. It is amazing to me to see that animals adapt to environments such as these. I have been camping many years ago and the mosquitoes would just drive you nuts, you couldn’t get away from them. I also remember canoeing down the Wekiva river and being attacked by deer flies and horseflies. Those bites really hurt. So it looks like all I had to do was paint myself black and white.

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