What is the most dangerous critter in Arizona?



I think most people would immediately say Black Widow spider or rattlesnake, but the answer in my book would be – Bees. I think without a doubt rattlesnakes, spiders and scorpions rank right up there but bee stings probably account for more deaths.

So what are you to do when you encounter them?

  1. Bee aware of your surroundings, if you notice bees bumping into you it is a warning that you are to close to them.
  2. Bees around water, they are there to drink leave them alone and they will leave you alone.
  3. Don’t tackle a Honeybee issue by yourself, if they are Africanized they will attack in great numbers and you, your neighborhood, animals and children may be stung. One of my favorite sayings is – “Once you have made them mad, it is impossible to put them back to nice!”  Its like putting the Genie back into the bottle. But these things sting and may continue for hours.
  4. Leave them alone, they will probably move on


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