I get this question a lot, how and where do bugs get into bathtubs and sinks?


Well first off bugs, spiders and other critters with probably the exception of cockroaches don’t come up drains. Most critters don’t care to get wet I think, so it is my opinion that they come in from the attic. That S or P trap is designed to have water in it, if water is in the trap this will stop sewer gases and roaches from coming up. If you have a shower or bathtub that you don’t use often just remember to fill it with water occasionally. I also have recommended the use of 1 tablespoon of mineral oil almost as a cap to reduce evaporation of water in those traps.

So my recommendation is home-sealing, caulk and seal anything that goes through the ceiling drywall or wall and this will alleviate anything trying to get in.

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