Right at my doorstep, 1st the VA in Phoenix now an Assisted Living facility.


I won’t rant and rave on how we got to this stage of problems “Arizona: State finds filth, Bed Bugs, and the Assisted Living Home exposed on ABC15

If I had parents in a nursing home I would say I would have to really think about some issues. Here is my list: I remember my Great Grandmother on a bed at my Grandparents home, back in those days people took care of their families. I will say that times are different, they lived on a farm and I really don’t recall any nursing homes available back then.

  1. Is the facility clean?
  2. How does staff seem to respond to issues.
  3. I would drop by various rooms just to check on cleanliness and hygiene.
  4. Ask other parties within the facility, people living there and visiting.
  5. Since I’m a bug guy I would look for signs and evidence.




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